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Apply today through Prudential Auto Loan … Our application process is safe, easy, and there’s no obligation.


Apply today through Prudential Auto Loan … Our application process is safe, easy, and there’s no obligation.

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 [proo-den-shuhl], adjective

Of, pertaining to, characterized by, or resulting from prudence in thought or deed, especially in business matters.

Prudential Auto Loan is all about assisting you in getting the vehicle financing or bad credit auto loan for the car or truck you need!

If you’ve been looking for vehicle financing, bad credit car loans, general car loans, and low rate auto loan options, you’ve come to the right place! Prudential Auto Loan is dedicated to helping our customers get the financing they want for the vehicle they need. Prudential Auto Loan is not a lender nor an auto dealership. We are a “Consumer Connection” company. Our program helps connect you with one of our lender or dealer affiliates who are specialists in helping consumers no matter what credit situation they are facing.

Shopping for a vehicle and for auto financing can be a difficult thing – especially if your credit isn’t what you’d like. Getting turned down and embarrassed at dealerships or at the bank or credit union is a frustrating and difficult experience. In many cases this is simply because the dealer or lender doesn’t have the capability to deal with certain credit situations. With Prudential Auto Loan, we have a network of dealers and lenders across the country that specialize in helping people with poor credit, bankruptcy, and other credit challenges, which means you have a good chance of getting the auto financing you need no matter what credit situation you face.

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General Information About Prudential Auto Loan.

Welcome to We'd like to thank you for visiting our web site and using it to get connected to general auto financing, bad credit auto loans, no credit auto loans, and to research everything about car financing and vehicle purchasing. is designed to help you get connected with a lender or local auto dealer who wants to earn your business -- especially if you don't have perfect credit. So don't travel all over town trying to find financing only to be turned down and embarrassed, start your search online with us and get connected to one or more of our affiliates who will do their best to help you. is owned and operated by Prudential Auto Loan, LLC and is a consumer connection company that is dedicated to helping you find an affiliate in our network that can help you get the car loan, and the car, you need.

Prudential Auto Loan: Our network can get you connected with a finance specialist who can help you get your loan.

Welcome to… the auto finance internet web site where you can access vehicle financing, low rate auto loans, low down-payment car loans, and auto loans for bad credit. When you work with Prudential Auto Loan, we connect you with a lender or dealer in our affiliate network who can help you get the financing for the vehicle you need. Our national network of lender and dealer affiliates are here to assist you with the financing you’ve been looking for – even if your credit is not as good as you would like it to be. All it takes is to fill out our fast and easy online application. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete and we’ll get your request in the hands of a affiliate who is in the business of helping consumers get financing and vehicles. The better connection! provides a totally free consumer connection service provided to our customers through our auto finance application submission. This no-obligation program is designed to help consumers connect with lenders and/or auto dealers who are part of our affiliate network. In most cases, these dealers or lenders have significant expertise with sub-prime lending requirements and, as such, have the desire to assist consumers with auto financing and car purchasing – no matter what their credit situation.

Avoid problems: Know the difference in Auto Finance web sites and protect yourself from issues.

There are many web sites out there that try to be like Prudential Auto Loan. Unfortunately, not all of them are as direct and honest with consumers as we are. is what we refer to as a “Consumer Connection” web site. Our business is helping you get in touch with one of our lender or dealer affiliates who want to assist you with your auto finance and vehicle purchasing. While most auto finance and car buying web sites do exactly this, some aren’t so honest with their consumers. And some even will use your information for other purposes – with or without your permission. So you need to be careful. Here are some steps you can do yourself to evaluate an online auto finance web site: A great resource for your auto loan needs

If you’re in the market for a car, you probably need a car loan as well. In truth, around 90% of vehicle purchases involve some type of financing. Another fact is that most people actually finance their vehicle through the dealership where they are buying their vehicle versus other financing options. The problem comes in when folks with less than perfect credit try to get a car loan because not every lender, or every dealer for that matter, is equipped to deal with the sub-prime borrower. can help you with a bad credit car loan.

If you have credit problems, a low credit score, bankruptcy, repossessions, and other negatives on your credit report, you may not think you can get vehicle financing or a bad credit car loan. But that’s not necessarily the case. Prudential Auto Loan has a nationwide network of lender and dealer affiliates who are in the business of helping consumers with less-than-perfect credit get the car and the financing they need.

Please note: There are many different dealerships and lending options represented by the affiliate networks we work with. This literally represents thousands of companies across the nation. Though we only work with companies with solid reputations and networks that they represent directly, there is no way for us to monitor all of the many affiliates in these networks. Because of this, we strongly encourage you to research any company you are considering working with. This includes reviewing online reviews, consulting with experts, and talking to your financial and tax advisors before entering into any deal with any affiliate. Thank you for working with

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Here at, our goal is to help you get connected with the auto financing you need… especially if you have credit problems. Simply put, driving around from dealership to dealership only to get turned down for financing is both embarrassing and frustrating. At, we want to help people avoid this frustration. And it is for this very reason that here at Prudential Auto Loan, we do everything we can to get you connected with an auto finance specialist in our network that has the ability and desire to get you the good or bad credit auto loan you need. That’s why we promise to accept and submit every legitimate auto loan application we receive through our web site to our network of affiliate partners. We do not filter out applications for things like self-employment, bad credit, bankruptcy, or other factors. And while we cannot guarantee that you’ll receive approval for a car loan, we can say that our 100% acceptance guarantee could improve your chances because you know that your application is being submitted and not simply thrown out because of something negative.

Prudential Auto Loan is a privately-owned Consumer Connection Company that is dedicated to assisting our users with the auto finance process. We do our best to connect people with the good or bad credit auto financing they need. Further, our site provides users with great information and research on auto financing, car buying, bad credit car loans, good credit auto loans, and much more. Prudential Auto Loan is also a BBB accredited business with an excellent rating. And best of all, our consumer connection service is completely free and requires no obligation on your part! Thank you for working with us here at Prudential Auto Loan!

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“Prudential Auto Loan is here to help with your auto financing and vehicle needs. Fill out our credit application and let one of our lender or dealer affiliates help you!”

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“Prudential Auto Loan protects your personal information with a number of specific security procedures!”

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“Poor credit is not a problem for Prudential Auto Loan. Our network of lender and dealer affiliates specializes in difficult credit situations. They can help you too!”

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“Prudential Auto Loan has low rate auto finance programs and zero money-down programs (with approved credit). Fill out our credit application now!”

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“There is absolutely no cost to apply with Prudential Auto Loan. Plus there is no obligation to work with the network affiliate we connect you with!”

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“Prudential Auto Loan can help you get connected to a lender or dealer affiliate that can help you with vehicle financing and car purchasing. Apply today!”

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